Hello Friend,

         As a child, I was terrified of the home my parents moved us in.  There were things being moved around, apparitions, things being broken, and loud noises.  After things were explained to me, the occurences still startled me, but they were a little easier to accept.  Knowing is half the battle.  That is why Paracon was developed to provide the truth and the proof.  
         It is my belief that paranormal activity really does exist.  Judging by my background, you can surely understand why. Those of you who don't believe, have never witnessed the things I have and so I understand. It truly is a "doubting thomas" world we live in.  But you may be surprised to find that, this is just the way the Paracon team goes into each investigation.  We don't believe ANY location is haunted until PROVEN otherwise. It is our policy to debunk every claim a client gives us. If we can't disclaim our clients experiences, then we continue the investigation until we have found an answer whether its paranormal or not. Since there is a possibilty that the client is experiencing paranormal activity, we don't discount it but take it a step further to find out what is causing it. By taking logical steps, keeping an open mind and exploring ALL of the possibilities without jumping to conclusions, we have just increased our chances of finding out exactly what is happening.  
          There are so many questions as to why this activity exists and why it only effects certain people.  Its my belief that its all around us, and only some of us pick up on it. This is no longer the dark ages. You don't have to hide your "little secret" or worry about being burned at the stake. You don't have to consider yourself a mental case if your eyes and ears are witnessing something you can't explain.  It is important to talk things out and ackowledge the activity you are experiencing. Take action by either calling in a team of investigators or confronting it yourself. There is absolutely no reason to run from the situation or dismiss it.  There is a possibility that there is a good reason why its happening to you. The answers lie in the investigation.
Brian / Paracon founder