When is it time to contact a team ?

There are so many things in this world that can not be explained. The real quesion is "what do YOU believe?"
An overactive imagination can make anyone believe anything.  When someone wants to find the actual truth, the worst thing they can do is jump to conclusions and allow their mind to prefabricate manifestations.  One of the most common prefabrications, is matrixing.  This happens when ones mind processes only one conclusion to what that person is witnessing. Its the minds way of making sense out of familiar objects and surroundings. It turns a hat and coat on a coat rack into a full bodied apparition. It turns the noises of a settling home, into footsteps.  It turns a cats meow into voices from the grave. Add anxiety into the mix and you just put yourself in the seventh realm of hell.  It's up to you to overlook the tricks your mind might be playing and your overactive imagination, and get to the fact of the matter.
If you are experiencing unexplained activity, the first thing to do is to investigate it immediately.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Nine times out of ten, you will discover that it is not paranormal. However, if you can not find a logical answer to an occurence, then document it and see if it happens again. If it repeats or has taken on some other way of communicating, keep a journal of your experiences. If you do experience numerous unexplained acts of activity, then its probably time to consider bringing in a team of investigators.  It will then be our turn to bring in the equipment and attempt to debunk all of your claims, before coming to any conclusions.
It is this teams belief that paranormal activity really does exist. But we need to exhaust ALL probable causes, scrutinize all exidence collected and document as much as we can, before confirming anything. Hunting apparitions is not easy and must be done with a clear and logical mind.  Otherwise, presenting non-conclusive and untested evidence, becomes a mockery of the field.

The Check List

Before we go on any ghost hunt, we must conduct a preliminary investigation.  This consists of interviews with the client and anyone else connected with the location so that we can better understand the situation, get to know the clients and collect the general information regarding the experiences being witnessed.  Research is done at this time to gather historical data, which may become useful at a later time.  There is also a thorough inspection conducted of the entire location.  A thermal sweep of every room, gives us the base temperature readings. An EMF sweep is conducted while the power is on and we are able to gather every day operational readings.  This way we are able to determine if the client is being exposed to high EMF or a "fear cage".  We conduct an inspection and sweep for high levels of carbon monoxide, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  High levels of EMF and/or carbon monoxide can cause hallucinations, dizzy spells, nausea, and loss of consciousness. Not only do we do this to eliminate all probable causes, but we want to conduct a safe investigation and notify our clients of any potential dangers.
Since we make it a habit to cover all of our bases, we thought you would like to see what our check list consists of when we do a preliminary inspection of a location.  The list below may even help you debunk some of your experiences and give you some answers of your own.

Pets ?   Type :                                                           Confined              Not Confined
Window / Door draft ?                                                Location(s)
Floor noise ?                                                             Location(s)
Loose pipes / conduit ?                                               Location(s)
Appliances (icemakers)      Type:                                  Location(s)
TV -Radios with timers ?       Type:                              Locations(s)
Outside voice or noise contamination ?                          Location(s)
Duct work noise ?                                                      Location(s)
Voice or noise traveling through duct work ?                  Location(s)
Headlight infiltration ?                                                Location(s)
Outdoor illumination  (timers) ?                                   Location(s)
Chemical storage ?  fumes ?                                        Location(s)
Cleaning supplies ?   fumes ?                                        Location(s)
Excessive Dust ?                                                        Location(s)
Loose floor boards / holes ?                                         Location(s)
Loose items on walls or ceilings ?                                  Location(s)
Cobwebs / spider webs ?                                             Location(s)
Flying insects or bats ?                                                Location(s)
Infestations ?   Type :                                                 Location(s)
Interactive Toys or games ?     Sound ?                          Location(s)
Intercom system ?                                                      Locations
High Carbon Monoxide levels ?                                      Location(s)
( We highly recommend that all home and business owners have a carbon monoxide alarm installed in any property they inhabit.  This advice does not come from a paranormal standpoint, but from a safety standpoint.  
Carbon monoxide poisoning not only can cause sickness and delusions, but death if levels are high enough. )