Past Investigation Results

It is our policy to keep all investigations private, unless home and business owners give us permission to publicly display our findings on the internet.  These are the ones that have given us that privilege and we thank them.

Pit Stop Bar - Red Oak, Iowa

March 13th 2010 - The Pit Stop Bar in Red Oak, Iowa was originally constructed in 1897.  It was built to house the towns first morgue and hardware store. In the early 1900's, the Fraternal Order of Oddfellows adopted the upstairs as their regional Grand Lodge.  The Oddfellows were similar to the Masons. They would have secret rituals, ceremonies and services at this lodge.  The name was conceived from the unusual occupations the members had. Since the Lodge occupied the same building as the morgue, we assume that morticians were and are part of their group. Judging by their creed, we also assumed that they were and are a very religous organization. One of of the most stunning and mysterious features of this particular building is a hole which is located in the stage of the lodges grand ballroom.  The hole, which is covered by 2 trap doors, is cut and designed to hold a casket.  Rumor has it,  an official of high standing with the Oddfellows had his remains buried in this stage.  The State of Iowa had them removed some time ago, but the hole still is there.  Another unusual feature is a room full of very slender lockers. There are 30 lockers starting with 1 through 12 but the rest are numbered 12 as well.  Apparently no one wanted locker 13. 
As for the rest of this building, there is a tunnel opening in the basement. Apparently there was a central tunnel system which supplied steam heat through out the towns business district and this opening gave heat to this building.  It is currently sealed off, but the owner mentioned the possibilty of opening it up some time in the future to see how far this tunnel reaches.  The drainage system and staging area for the morgue still exists in the basement as well.  
As for the investigation, there were numerous EMF and KII hits.  The building does have its fair share of unshielded wiring which gave off upwards to 15.0 milligauss, so we had to discount many of the hits that remained stationary as possible concentrated EMF crossfire or fear cage's. However, there were a few hits that did come and go as if they were moving. One in particular, surrounded a closet door which was connected to the stage. 
This closet door was also found to have been opened sometime during the night of the investigation. Upon further review of the video footage, we noted that none of the investigators had opened this door. We tried to debunk it, by walking and jumping around in the doors proximity, but found that the only way to open it was by turning the handle and pulling it open.
As for audio evidence, we did manage to come up with 3, possibly 4 unusual pieces. All of them came from the upstairs, in the lodges ballroom and "lockeroom".  The ballroom EVP sessions where conducted using some provocation.  It was a known fact that the Oddfellows did not like or want women in their lodge at the time and  felt that women were second class citizens. With that being said, the woman who currently owns the building was invited to join us on this endeavor.  She had mentioned turning the old lodge into a wedding reception hall
and rented party place.  She was emphasizing that she was in charge.  The response appears to be saying " its not right" in a very upset tone.
We also picked up many sounds from the ballroom that are unusual in nature. There was some knocking and 2 possible whistles.  Both of these upon asking for a sign.
The last piece of audio evidence from the ballroom, came as the team was getting ready to leave.  The owner mentions that her leg had fallen asleep and the recorder picks up what appears to be a snicker or giggle. None of us, recognize the laughter as anyone in the room.
The owner had purchased a "ghostbox" , which is very similar to an AM radio with scanning. It scans through white noise being supplied by an AM signal.  The theory is that white noise can pick up messages from people that have passed on.  The owner also believes that a little girl that has passed, resides in her building. With that being said, 2 members of Paracon joined the owner in a "ghostbox" session in the "lockeroom".  They concentrated their efforts on the little girl in question. Upon asking the little girl if she would like a baby doll or a ball, it appears that a little girl says "I like babies".  There is also a faint comment which appears to say "I want a home and family". 
As for the "ghostbox" session, we must make the observation that these devices are picking up radio signals and these "messages" could be nothing more than a distant radio signal being picked up. Therefore the verdict is still out as to where these "messages" came from.
Overall, it was a good investigation.  The team went over all of the evidence and concurred that there is paranormal activity at the Pit Stop Bar.  We would like to go there again, especially after they open the tunnel and see if we can find anything else. 
For the audio results from the ballroom, click the play button below.

Lincoln High School - Lincoln, Nebraska

June 5th, 2010   Lincoln High School was established in 1871.  It is the largest and one of the oldest high schools in the state with over 1,800 students.  The main building that is currently being used was built in 1915.  It has had numerous renovations with the most recent being in 2009-2010 with the main focus on the auditorium. 
Paracon was originally contacted by teacher Chris Maly, to investigate numerous encounters and experiences surrounding the auditorium. Paracon also learned of other activity concerning the second floor hallway and room 300 which used to be the old library.  There have been rumors about a janitor who still roams the hallways and basement, the old librarian who remains in the old library (room 300) and someone who prefers to sit in the fifth row of the auditorium. 
The team set up the investigation to include a small contigency of students who have an interest in the paranormal, along with Valerie Marino of Lincoln Public Schools.  Before starting, the team held a crash course and orientation on the basics of paranormal investigation.  After preparing our somewhat large group, we broke everyone off into 3 teams. Team 1 took on the auditorium, team 2 was in room 300, and team 3 tackled the second floor hallway in front of the main office.
To be quite honest, the auditorium was the quietest room that all of us investigated that night.  There were no personal experiences to make note of and absolutely no EVP's.  All voices and noises on the recordings were accounted for.  However, Marge did conduct a "ghost box" session in the auditorium.  Upon concluding her questioning through the ghost box, there is one response that left a big question mark.  Marge says "I think we are done with you now" and right after she says that the ghost box says " I don't think so".  Again we can not confirm any ghost box responses due to the nature of its origins and AM signals its picking up, but the response was intriguing none the less.  That response is included in the audio below.
There were 2 personal experiences on the second floor hallway.  At one time, Brian thought he saw "legs walking" in the reflection of the floor towards the northeast corner of the hallway.  At approximately the same time, Ben, an LPS employee swore he heard footsteps coming from the same direction.  Upon experiencing this, the team turned the cameras to that area and left a digital recorder on the floor.
We did pick up a very interesting piece of evidence in room 300.   Occuring while John and his team were preparing to leave the room after an EVP session.  Upon reviewing the recording it appears that a small child or female is saying " he's keeping me inside" in what appears to be a stressful voice.  We can verify that no one in John's group was connected to this voice.  This evidence is included in the audio below.
Our conclusion is that Lincoln High School potentially has paranormal activity on the 2nd floor main hallway and in room 300.  We would love to go back and conduct another investigation with a smaller group of investigators and concentrate our efforts in these 2 areas.  We want to thank LPS, Chris Maly, and Valerie Marino for the opportunity to investigate this lovely old school.  It was our honor to do so.   

Private home Malcolm Nebraska

We were contacted by a woman in Malcolm, Nebraska in regards to activity in her home.  Her home was actually 2 houses pieced together to make one larger structure.  She had heard voices and felt like she was being touched from time to time. 
The team arrived and started taking readings.  All readings were normal except for one electrical outlet which emitted about 14 milligaus on the EMF scale. 
We started our investigation in the master bedroom where a lot of noises have occured.  Brian laid upon the bed for about 20 minutes with a K2 meter beside him.  The K2 started going off for about a minute, and then came to an abrupt stop, when he asked if someone was laying down beside him.  Other readings of note was a cold spot in the rear bedroom which appeared to be about 4 foot tall and about 2 feet wide.  It appeared at the foot of the bed and remained there for about 5 minutes.  The reading was about 10-12 degrees cooler than the rest of the room.  Then it just went away.
One EVP was captured in the master bedroom.  It appears to be a man stating his name.  "Bill Van ????"

Private home Lincoln Nebraska

A woman contacted the team to do an investigation of her home In Lincoln Nebraska.  The house was built in the late 50's and was primarily occupied by her immediate family.  Her reports were of voices , footsteps, and her smaller children talking to "someone".  
Readings in the home were in acceptable ranges and so we started our investigation.  With the exception of one questionable noise in the basement bedroom, the night was fairly quite.  
We did manage to capture one very quite whisper on EVP, which appears to be saying " I want to get them" 

Private home Wymore, Nebraska

The team was contacted by a home owner in Wymore, Nebraska.  The house was built in 1875 and is believed to be owned by the towns founding father.  The claims were of moving shadows, physical touch, hearing footsteps, and voices.
There were two very interesting personal experiences during the course of the night.  The first occurred within 30 minutes of arriving at the home. The team was using both entrances to the home to load in equipment.  John was bringing in gear through the front door and entered the home to drop of 2 cases.  He turned to go back outside and upon leaving noticed that the dead bolt was locked on the front door.  This happened after passing through this entrance not more than 2 minutes prior.  Apparently something wanted him to stay inside.
The other was an extreme EMF field that hit both Brian and the home owner at the same time.  Both men walked into it and immediately felt a tingling and electrical itch on their foreheads, down their necks and both arms.  They retreated and the feeling went away, so they stepped forward again and the same reaction occurred.  A KII meter was brought in to verify the EMF spike which had the capability of moving and fading in and out.  The reading was approximately 22 milligaus.  The spike lasted about 5 minutes and then vanished.
As for evidence, the team presents 5 pieces from this home.  All are audio and are displayed below for your approval.