Phil has been investigating paranormal activity for over 25 years. However his curiousity with ghosts started when he was child and was experiencing activity in a friends home. His strength with the team is his research into historical records and compilation of data for each investigation.  He is our biggest skeptic and facility inspector.  If there is any other reason for suspected activity, he will find it !  He is our reaserch manager and one of our 4 lead investigators.


 John's parents moved him into a very old home as a child and the experiences started almost as soon as they moved in.  His worst personal encounters are witnessing the family dog chasing "something" around the house, a door that hadn't been opened in years suddenly opening right before his eyes, and a bulletin board that was flung across his bedroom.  It was these experiences that have been the basis for his interest in paranormal activity and its research.  John is one of our most logical investigators.


As a child , Brian was experiencing many things he did not understand. His mother finally explained to him that she felt a presence in their home and so the interest in the paranormal started at a very early age.  One such experience even involved a babysitter and the police department. The family finally moved from that house, but his quest for the truth steadily grew into a passion.  In his 20's, he found himself in yet another home with unusual activity.  It was then that he decided that maybe his childhood memories were not a figment of his imagination and it was time to take a more serious look into the paranormal. 
He has worked with other paranormal teams, but felt a need to dig deeper.  With the increased interest in the paranormal and advancements in technology, it was time to develope a paranormal reconnaissance team that would totally and thoroughly examine each case.  That team has become Paracon.  Brian is Paracon's founder and its lead investigator.


Michelle's discovery of the paranormal started when she was working as a facilities manager for a university.  Working late hours , she soon found out that she was not the only "person" in the buildings she was in charge of. 
Seeking out a reputable paranormal team to get some answers, Michelle contacted Paracon and asked to be a part of the team.  We are glad she did.  
She is intuitive and pays close attention to her surroundings.  As she better understands the equipment and how to get the best use out of it, we think she will make a very good investigator.  

Father Michael

Father Michael is the teams religious advisor.  He hails from central Nebraska but makes many journeys in assisting those who are dealing with negative energy and God forbid, demonic presences. 
As the team advisor, he has educated Team Paracon in how to conduct house blessings and provides protection prayers for all involved. 
He is a member of the Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael and is in contact with many Priests from around the country in their battle against evil.